About Us

Our mission is to be the premier provider of the finest hemp products in the world, while continually educating and advancing the industry.

Our founding members all come from different philosophies, each of us having walked a unique path to achieve optimal health and overall balance in our lives. Our inspiration stems from decades of enthusiasm for medicinal plants and the many healing stories we’ve heard, and personally experienced, from utilizing the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. Our goal is simple: We want to create a collection of products that stand out with incomparable purity and quality.

Together we’ve combined our deep appreciation for nature and passion for plants to bring you Plant Love Naturals—organic, hemp-based products made from natural ingredients you can trust. What makes us stand out from the rest? We produce Certified Organic full-spectrum hemp extract products and take it a step further by adding in even more powerful hemp terpenes. The benefits of hemp extract are no secret, and we’ve added our own proprietary blend of terpenes to bring you a next level product. We are taking advantage of every single benefit of the hemp plant to ensure our valued customers see serious results.